The Complex Exchange of Human Nature: Disappointment

The day before yesterday, Friday night. It was a memorable evening, the first time in my life that I learned a lesson.

I attempted to sell my iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB. After estimating the trade-in value on the Zhuanzhuan platform, it was only about 10,890 yuan, which felt a bit low. Therefore, I decided to list it for sale on Xianyu with a price tag of 13,000 yuan.

Shortly after posting, I received several offers, most of them around 12,500 yuan. One buyer was willing to offer 12,700 yuan, so I decided to make the deal and chose to meet at the subway entrance.

At that time, I was still excited and even took some photos on the subway.

The Complex Exchange of Human Nature: Disappointment插图
The Complex Exchange of Human Nature: Disappointment插图1

However, things did not go as smoothly as expected. When the transaction reached the inspection stage, the buyer opened the packaging box and surprisingly used a black object to darken the data cable, claiming that the phone was resealed and a customized version for a specific mobile carrier. Due to my limited knowledge about phones, I couldn’t distinguish the authenticity, and eventually, the buyer used these issues as reasons to reduce the offer to 10,800 yuan.

After the transaction was completed, I checked the serial number of the phone through the Apple official channel and found that the phone was not the carrier-specific version claimed by the buyer but a globally unlocked one. Later, upon reviewing the video taken during the transaction, I noticed a moment when the buyer, after breaking the seal, lifted the phone slightly while turning, revealing the position of the data cable. From this, I inferred that the black substance was inserted at that moment. This deepened my suspicion and reflection on the entire transaction.

For me, it was a disappointing experience, resulting in a loss of approximately 1,900 yuan. This incident made me deeply reflect on the complexity of interpersonal interactions and understand the importance of being extra cautious in transactions, ensuring the choice of a safe and reliable method. Perhaps next time, I need to delve more into phone-related knowledge to prevent similar situations from happening again.

Entire Transaction (Video)