About & Jialuo

Jialuo Chen

My online “mask”.

I’m a swimmer, but I haven’t been in the swimming pool for a long time. When I was a child, I really enjoyed playing with water and chose swimming as a special subject. However, over time, it made me feel that “water” is no longer the same as before. The harder the water is pushed away, the harder it becomes to control its “unknown”.

Nowadays, my light is as small and difficult as a firefly, but I am also striving to flicker.


Regarding my studies, I did not complete my Zhejiang University dream, and with the help of my friends, I learned about my study abroad direction. After 6 months of the IELTS curse, I finally met the school’s pre enrollment standards. With the help of my intermediary’s financial ability, I was successfully added to the 2026 new student list by “nyu” from New York University. [Future. Unknown]

Wil Rogers State Beach

On Feb 7th in the US, I decided to visit this beach to find solace before the 6.5-hour drive back to N. California. Watching waves, seagulls, and hearing joyful beachgoers eased me. The Pacific barrier, busy with vehicles, flaunted stunning mountain views. Assisting a family locked out of their car, I witnessed a breathtaking sunset, an endless yellow hue, reminiscent of “China,” my hometown.