The Road Killer Appears

Today is a day full of lessons. I once again deeply realize that people with bad temper are not suitable for driving. In the morning, I met a terrible driver, whose anger and impatience almost made me feel scared of him.

It happened on my way to work. I was driving into a busy traffic road when a car suddenly flew past me and suddenly stopped in front of me. I almost had a serious rear end collision. When I saw the driver, I noticed his face showing anger and dissatisfaction.

In the next few minutes, the driver began to exhibit a series of shocking behaviors. He frequently honked his horn, cursed other vehicles, and frantically overtook on the road. His behavior not only caused trouble to other drivers, but also made the road more dangerous.

I noticed that this bad tempered driver was unable to control his emotions, and his anger directly affected his driving skills and judgment. His impulsive behavior not only caused trouble to others, but also made the traffic conditions on the road more chaotic. His anger not only threatens his own life safety, but also poses a huge threat to other people driving on the road.

This experience made me ponder deeply. Driving requires calmness and patience, especially in busy traffic. Bad tempered people often lack this calmness and patience, and they are prone to getting angry on the road, leading to impulsive behavior. However, this behavior not only causes harm to other people, but may also lead to oneself being involved in serious accidents.

Therefore, I believe that only those who can maintain calm and patience are suitable for driving. They can control their emotions and do not engage in impulsive behavior due to momentary dissatisfaction. They will abide by traffic rules, show respect to other drivers, and be able to make the right decisions calmly in the face of uncertain situations.

As a driver, it is important to always be aware of the impact of one’s emotions on driving behavior. If we find that our temper is starting to deteriorate, it’s best to stop the car to calm down or seek other ways to release our emotions. Maintaining composure on the road is not only for one’s own safety, but also a manifestation of being responsible to others.

Today’s experience has taught me an important lesson. I hope to remain calm and patient at all times, and become a driver who follows the rules and respects others.