Installed a China Unicom home broadband

The telecommunications broadband I originally used was too expensive, but after it expired, I decided to switch to another operator. However, my community was marked as a high-end residential area, which led me to carefully consider cost-effectiveness when choosing broadband.

I have also contacted merchants who install broadband on and Taobao, but there are always some problems that arise, either my community does not have broadband resources in their area, or the fees are too high. Finally, I contacted the butler and found the broadband operator in the community. Overall, this price is still much cheaper than on JD and Taobao.

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Based on the quotation provided by the above master, I ultimately chose China Unicom for 99 RMB/month, with 1000 Mbps of home width+60G traffic and 1000 minutes of calls. I applied for a new phone card and received a 50% discount on the original price of 199 RMB. However, I signed a one-year agreement to try the effect first, but I didn’t expect the experience to be good after installation. I will mention it later.

The initial installation fee of 399 yuan includes a WI-FI6 router of Optical Cat+Unicom. I have to complain that the router of Unicom is really not worth 199 yuan. After a careful look at the workmanship, it’s really bad.

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But everything went smoothly. When the order was about 18:30, the master came to my house and helped me with my card. It was estimated that he would have to go to eat for 20 minutes before the master came to help me connect the broadband line. Unfortunately, when I asked the master for a public IP address, he told me that he couldn’t provide it.

As I finished installing my broadband, a surprising thing happened. I tested the local home broadband cross-border effect using the Dutch VPS I bought that day, and the final result was unexpected.

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For me, this speed can already meet many of my scene needs. Choosing China Unicom this time did not disappoint my expectations, and I am generally very satisfied. The price, pre-sales, and service are all within my acceptable range.

Afterwards, I also learned from many forums that China Unicom’s routes are very friendly to friends with cross-border network needs, and China Unicom can take off even with very cheap routes. But the best infrastructure in China is China Telecom, but it also requires the most money.

Based on the above, a suggestion for friends who are installing new broadband is that if you are pursuing stability, choosing China Telecom is definitely right. If you are pursuing cost-effectiveness, China Unicom will definitely be your best choice, but China Mobile is really hard to say.